Wednesday was a disaster day!

On Wed I was supposed to go on a business trip – put my alarm clock and hoped to make myself at least breakfast not to mention sandwiches for the trip, still waking up short after 4 is not so easy and I started the day much slower than expected. Aa result I ruined my budget already at the train station – sandwich and drinks for trip was pln 20:/ – Relay was closed … at 5:30 – lesson taken.

So I had big sandwich, sth to drink and spent almost my daily budget, but that was not the end.

After slow beginning of the day, time after 12 became so hectic that I decided to grab quick lunch, (as was not sure whether I will have proper time for food shopping) – result another pln9 for lunch…

More meetings to come, water & snack adding 3.58 to my account…

 To finish the day in such a lovely manner just before 19 I had to run to catch my train I just sat 1 minute before it left, so no time to grab anything at the station. I was supposed to come home around 22:30, leaving it around 5, I really felt like eating sth and in the middle of the trip being hungry won over my strong will… adding Wars food and tea on the top of my bill for the day – it was another 19.5 – altogether 52.08 and I would say this is not the biggest amount of money one can spend on a business trip from morning till evening, most of the time on the go.

Nevertheless I had to recalculate my budget – Wed trip plus ticket home for Easter- bought in advance hopefully for the best price offered – made me decrease first daily amount from 22.7 to 20.6 – I need to say I’m not really proud of myself in 4 days I lost 2.1 per day and it seems it all gets harder than I expected, which may prove that Warsaw spoils ppl faster than you think or generally once you have money you don’t realize how lucky you are not to calculate all the expenditures.


First 5 days day by day – much more challenging than expected

So it seemed that more than 20 pln per day is a lot and extremely easy to live on;). Monday was an easy day – buying bread for 3.99 which actually lasted till Friday and managed to buy sth with seeds;-), 2.99 for spread and radish 1.65. and cottage 4pln. Monday breakfast cost 3.08 – yoghurt, later on was happy to get some free cake in the office (you can be lucky once you are on budget, can’t you ;-))? Free soup for lunch will be counted in canteen prices- 5pln, then for dinner part of food I bought for the week – approx 4pln. So all together I survived monday for 12.08 – but this was only food, not so bad, for sure more bread than usual and some lucky coincidences in the office supported the happy first day. Tuesday went very similar – breakfst less than 4 pln – from total shopping, soup for lunch dinner and yoghurt for a snack – 15 pln but this was without any special savings like the cheapest food, though focusing on food and not having money for anything else like cinema:/. After first two days my budget looks as follows:

  3.99 tea
3.95 bread
6.16 aktivia
3.49 cottage
3 filled peppers
10 2 soups
2.99 spread
3.3 radish – 2 units

In total 36.88 so far not so bad…

The challenge of March

I’m not sure I will come back to blogging, not sure if I will find an idea for it, but the idea for now is to come back in March and post about challenge I planned for myself.

Some time in Warsaw, money spent on restaurants, cinemas, clubs, taxis replacing public transport, need to earn more and more makes you realize that you are in a way lucky, probably on a good path to achieving your goal, once you know what this goal is.

In the same time approximately 13% of Poles are unemployed and minimal salary for 2013 is PLN1600  – 1181 net (approx 290 Eur).

If people can live with such income, I think I can also do that – the idea is simple.

I plan to survive month on this amount of money, after deducting my fiexd costs I have sth like PLN22.7 per day to survive- doesn’t look so bad does it?

If I managed to survive this month I will donate my monthly salary to a chosen charity or specific aim.

With days to go I will most probably make a survey to choose the charity with your help 🙂

Coming back / Wielki powrot

I think blogging is not cool 😉 or maybe it is I’m just not cool, still the plan is to come back on 9th of July with a big welcome back and a big projetc…

Minimum salary month…

The idea is to survive 30days in Warsaw on minimum Polish salary… let’s see how it will look like –> the main idea is that if I manage I will donate my monthly salary to charity!

If not I will donate only the difference…

Blogging will be a tool to keep yuo updated, engaged and willing to support me in this.

Today is just a short memo, starting from tomorrow more details to come –> starting with the charity profile!


Podsumowujac … wracam na bloga, czy na dluzej nie wiem, na pewno do 8sierpnia.

Plan jest taki, ze blog bedzie wspieral mnie w pomysle przezycia miesiaca w Warszawie za minimalna pensje krajowa –> jak to sie odbije na jedzeniu, tzw, pogodzinach i wszyskim innym? zobaczymy 🙂 w kazdym razie jesli sie uda, przekaze swoja miesieczna pensje na cel dobroczynny – jaki i dlaczego dowiecie sie jutro.

Jesli nie, przekaze mniej;-).

Blog bedzie narzedziem do tego zeby zaangazowac w ten pomysl jak najwiecej osob:>.

Jutro dowiecie sie jaka organizacje wybralam.


Polish Railways

It’s just amazing that in 2004 I was travelling between my home and Warsaw in approx 3hrs maybe 3,5? depending on the type of train – now it is almost 5. Doesn’t mater iwth super ICE or regional train going from Ilawa to Warsaw … through Torun – I suggest looking it up on Polish map to have more fun;-)

In sth like 4 hrs you can go from Brussels to Frankfurt or from Zurich to Frankfurt in super train with wifi and comfort, or you can enjoy Poland from a stinky train

Dear Poles what is wrong with us?

And according to polish edition of Newsweek it can be changed so easily,70513,1

I don’t get this system at all:/

The original spot from 1974 – couldnt find so the more recent:

and info:


check here

and intresting article from Polish newsweek:,69207,1