da author

Emotional, curious, love meeting new cultures and places, thinking still too much but less than used to, enjoying every day 🙂

Visited more than 40 countries and hope to visit all; spent 1 year in Bulgaria, 10 months in Germany few weeks in Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Macedonia, Malaysia, Russia, Spain.

Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics – Marketing and Management and International Relations, started law and fell in love with atmosphere of university – hope to graduate from Law in 2015.

2 years ago wrote this:
Loves cat green tea, mangoes, ice creams, music received from friends, swimming, walking around.

Now should write:
Still loves mangoes and ice creams, not receiving so much music from friends anymore:( but music still makes her life better, especially live music, swimming, walking around and travelling makes her thick, tea was replaced with water and cats- mhm still preferred over dogs but now thinking of getting anyone soon. Besides, reading, cinema and long conversations are the things to make THE day :).


5 responses to “da author

  1. Angela Steatham

    Great to work with, curious and a deep thinker – will go far!

  2. lol, 1 year in Bulgaria… that sounds good 🙂 I`ve spent one in Poland (SGH ) 🙂

  3. Wow! you been to Malasysia. My birthday place heheheh

    I’m in Kuching (Borneo)


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