Day 4 & 5

So we all are more and more dependent on FB – ppl notice I’m not on, not because of missing contact with me but abt having problem with sending msg to me.

It is still weird to write SMS in the middle of the night, but FB msnger is considered as neutral and ok to send msg any time any day. We stopped exchanging e-mail addresses – as you can exchange most of infos on FB why should you bother writing e-mail?

Thus it seems I missed some offers, maybe I will miss some events but mhm – it is for sure convenient but is it sustainable to rely only on one channel of communication?

I do have more time, evenings are more relaxing, I buy new books cause I read so much more, but I see 1 disadvantage – making appointments to go out.

Its much harder to organize a group to go for concert/ movie etc – I cannot simply write on my wall, oh I want to go to theater anyone in? I need to think who and who to invite and such personal invitation seems to be much more meaningful, or maybe this is just my perception – but this is idea of the evening – frequency of cinema, concerts etc may really drop down as a result of not being on FB.


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