The next day without FB – how is it?

New ppl realized I’m not on FB – the number rose to 4 who were not informed by me and know – wohooo I have at least true FB friends 😉

What would I post?
1) I would write I really liked Whiplash movie, for those who still haven’t heard of it:

It’s not an easy movie with simple answers, I felt so uncomfortable and full of emotions as during watching  August: Osage County. Maybe I just like movies that are not so relaxing an easy, dunno but this one has very good soundtrack and plot 🙂 So I recommend.
2) That there is sth about me going to Cinema City in Galeria Mokotow in Jan – again I went to the cinema during amazing spring (in term of weather;-)) and when I went out it was full winter and glaze ice on the street -1st in my life I drove 20km/h on Wołoska 😉
3) That Łazienki were so beautiful today and it was nice to have a walk there.

No idea what else? mhm

How do I feel without FB?
I really enjoy extra time I have without FB – I even beat carpet in the snow:) and my flat is so cleaaan and I feel so free – just evenings feel do disconnected 😉

Maybe I would kill some time and had few conversations with my mates – it feels so much easier to chat on FB than to write SMS or call.


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