30 days without FB –> 30 days to come back to blogging

Recently, every second person tends to disconnect from FB. So do I;-). Listening to radio about 30 days without FB happening that took place in PL some time ago, discussing about addictions with some of my colleagues and realizing my weak will and time lost during the day I’ve came with this idea. So it’s simple – 30 days without FB and Messenger- what after we will see.

Started yesterday evening – very hard, as of course most of my pages and apps are connected with it – e.g. Spotify – so I will have to get a new account and switch everything from the previous one to the new one phi… is it worth doing just for 30 days? Or maybe it will be a change in my life for longer?

No idea, but as for strong will and life I also decided to give myself a chance and come back to blogging – why?

Cause I tend to forget what I’ve experienced, cause I think my life is interesting, cause I need a place to put my things together, not sure anyone will read it but still;-)


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