1st full day without FB – how does it feel

First observations:

1) More time for me – for sure, it was Sunday so I would check updates not only in the morning, but also during the day and would be going through fb now, maybe even chatting with some folks. Instead I cleaned the house 😉

2) What would I post on FB today?

– pictures from Lego exhibition – I guess since it was not planned to be a review of the visit, world will survive lack of this post

– question if people get tuberculosis – so many coughing badly around – mhm I guess this could be kind of warning to society, but those who I wanted to ask wouldn’t answer.

The biggest change is this feeling of being disconnected from people – I guess some time ago I would use gadu gadu (ok long time ago) to chat in the evening with those who I care, maybe text them. Recently I post sth, my friends post sth and we all feel we are in touch and know what’s going on… not really true. I just realized that in fact I have few people I have meaningful conversation with and very often those ppl don’t post nor like my posts on fb – I call, what’s up or imsg them. So it may feel a little bit lonely not knowing how most of “supposed to be my ppl” spent their weekend, what music they listen to, but on the other hand. I just let 2 ppl know I’m not on fb – as were in the middle of messenger conversation, 1 more noticed I’m not there – the close one. How many “friends” won’t even notice my absence?


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