Budget weekend – how not to spend any money ;-)

So weekend was time of unquestionable life style change –> no cinema, no party, no brunch, nothing. Usulaly I would go to a party or to the cinema and kind of for sure eat at least one meal out – sometimes more – depending on meetings with friends.

This weekend was totally different – 1st thing coming back to tomato sauce –> as I was recently not the very big fan of it but I have some on stock lunch during weekend was sponsored by old styl pasta – tuna, tomato sauce, herbs. Food from home to school as I had lessons on Saturday – this with need to pass UE law on Monday made me much less suffer – I read, cooked and cleaned my flat over weekend.

I just realized how much I spend during weekends in my normal life and compared to 19.62 in total that I spent during this weekend for pasta – will last for another meals as well, tuna, choclate, cheese, eggs new spread to bread and seeds of bitter cress to make some spring and chepa vegy – although taking into consideration amount of water needed dunno if it is good value. Nevertheless weekend at home survived – not so bad still a little bit lazy – TV, book, for sure less energetic than usual and I felt limited –> not that I have to go to the cinema but actually I cannot – prices over weekend are killers for such a tight budget 😦

But to sum up – first week survived – as for food this amount of money is ok, it even lets you eat out once a week let’s say but if you do so your life or actually my life now is only about food – missing new places I could visit or new tastes I would like to try. And in order to save some money to go out you really have to control your meals.


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