Wednesday was a disaster day!

On Wed I was supposed to go on a business trip – put my alarm clock and hoped to make myself at least breakfast not to mention sandwiches for the trip, still waking up short after 4 is not so easy and I started the day much slower than expected. Aa result I ruined my budget already at the train station – sandwich and drinks for trip was pln 20:/ – Relay was closed … at 5:30 – lesson taken.

So I had big sandwich, sth to drink and spent almost my daily budget, but that was not the end.

After slow beginning of the day, time after 12 became so hectic that I decided to grab quick lunch, (as was not sure whether I will have proper time for food shopping) – result another pln9 for lunch…

More meetings to come, water & snack adding 3.58 to my account…

 To finish the day in such a lovely manner just before 19 I had to run to catch my train I just sat 1 minute before it left, so no time to grab anything at the station. I was supposed to come home around 22:30, leaving it around 5, I really felt like eating sth and in the middle of the trip being hungry won over my strong will… adding Wars food and tea on the top of my bill for the day – it was another 19.5 – altogether 52.08 and I would say this is not the biggest amount of money one can spend on a business trip from morning till evening, most of the time on the go.

Nevertheless I had to recalculate my budget – Wed trip plus ticket home for Easter- bought in advance hopefully for the best price offered – made me decrease first daily amount from 22.7 to 20.6 – I need to say I’m not really proud of myself in 4 days I lost 2.1 per day and it seems it all gets harder than I expected, which may prove that Warsaw spoils ppl faster than you think or generally once you have money you don’t realize how lucky you are not to calculate all the expenditures.


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