Thur & Friday – coming back on track

After big pressure in my head after Wednesday, on Thursday I really wanted to came back on track and actually was kind of successful – For breakfast and dinner I ate food bought in advance so nothing to add to the list woohooo so happy!

Lunch was served by a colleagoue according to our sharing and cooking in the office – so let’s budget it for standard price of soup – pln5. The only thing to add – snack in school – 1.98 for yoghurt – this made me believe I will be able to go to the cinema at least once this month?

As for Friday the happy time continued – no going out – obviously this would ruin me, spending only pln 2.79 for Balkan yoghurt & pln6 for lunch, 3.85 for bread as well as catching up with things I normally have in my bag – chewing gums – 3.29.

In total for Thursday and Friday my budget looks promising – I saved 18.29, wohooo finally I’m not only about food but I managed to have small saving, and this is still happily without buying the cheapest things to eat:)


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