First 5 days day by day – much more challenging than expected

So it seemed that more than 20 pln per day is a lot and extremely easy to live on;). Monday was an easy day – buying bread for 3.99 which actually lasted till Friday and managed to buy sth with seeds;-), 2.99 for spread and radish 1.65. and cottage 4pln. Monday breakfast cost 3.08 – yoghurt, later on was happy to get some free cake in the office (you can be lucky once you are on budget, can’t you ;-))? Free soup for lunch will be counted in canteen prices- 5pln, then for dinner part of food I bought for the week – approx 4pln. So all together I survived monday for 12.08 – but this was only food, not so bad, for sure more bread than usual and some lucky coincidences in the office supported the happy first day. Tuesday went very similar – breakfst less than 4 pln – from total shopping, soup for lunch dinner and yoghurt for a snack – 15 pln but this was without any special savings like the cheapest food, though focusing on food and not having money for anything else like cinema:/. After first two days my budget looks as follows:

  3.99 tea
3.95 bread
6.16 aktivia
3.49 cottage
3 filled peppers
10 2 soups
2.99 spread
3.3 radish – 2 units

In total 36.88 so far not so bad…


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