The challenge of March

I’m not sure I will come back to blogging, not sure if I will find an idea for it, but the idea for now is to come back in March and post about challenge I planned for myself.

Some time in Warsaw, money spent on restaurants, cinemas, clubs, taxis replacing public transport, need to earn more and more makes you realize that you are in a way lucky, probably on a good path to achieving your goal, once you know what this goal is.

In the same time approximately 13% of Poles are unemployed and minimal salary for 2013 is PLN1600  – 1181 net (approx 290 Eur).

If people can live with such income, I think I can also do that – the idea is simple.

I plan to survive month on this amount of money, after deducting my fiexd costs I have sth like PLN22.7 per day to survive- doesn’t look so bad does it?

If I managed to survive this month I will donate my monthly salary to a chosen charity or specific aim.

With days to go I will most probably make a survey to choose the charity with your help 🙂


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