The Big UK trip

Huh it took me some time to write this one, maybe cause I told this story for too many times or maybe cause I needed time to digest, still don’t want to forget it as it was really a story;-)…

Last weekend before Xmas 17-19 – plan to spend it in London, raport from realization ;-):

Friday of 17th was a little bit stressful as  it was snowing in the night and snow is one of the biggest challenges for Frankfurt 😉 I was following the web page to see that more and more flights are cancelled, but I managed to make online check in for my flight so went to the airport. Being there as I would usually plan to be especially only with cabin bagage. This was 1st misleading assumtpion of the weekend – as the flights were cancelled there were hundreds of people, waiting, queing for something etc…. so it was already time of taking off- missed boarding time 😉 and I was still waiting as obviously my camera had to be checked cause for sure it was a tool of terrorist;-) stressed as I was never ate at the airport before- ok was but in the group in Paris, but still… running in panic discovering that there is still passport control etc. etc. just to see that the flight is 1 hour late, time to buy something to drink sit and enjoy – appluaze for Iphoneand internet, delay of 2 hours in total, bad thing only cause there is no option for any plans for Friday eve anymore but still ok.

Leaving Frankfurt and people who wanted to fly on that day but their flights were cancelled, there was no place for them, …life… me flies and is happy 😉

Saturday morning – beautiful, but snowing some people claim it’s huge amount f snow as for UK, nothing impressive for someone from Eastern Europe – but ok they know better.

Having fun that I will stayfor longer- actualy why not, more time for sightseeing etc;-)maybe kind of naive, maybe careless but happiness continue till the moment of online check in for Sunday flight- my flight is cancelled – ok shit happens, they suggest earlier one and I need to cal Lufthansa if I want to rebook.

Nooooo I don’t want to leave earlier, ok can rebook for Monday eventually or Tuesday morning even better, more adventurours and this was actually my official challenge to flying fairy on FB. So let’s cal Lufthansa- how unfortunate Polish, UK nor German line answers, most probably panic is spreading over Europe hundreds of people tryin to call – after half an hour of trying in UK, Poland – as always thx to kind support of my mum and German decided that we stay home drink wine and open winter season with watching love actually.

Surprisingly the amount of snow – more or less 10 cm killed public transportation in Londond so nobody will join us as tube is on holidays ;-).

Sunday morning – let’s try again, finally the one and only Bozena – the mum went through and got Polish guy – madame right now we can only offer seats for Wednesday and we don’t plany any flight will operate from London to Frankfurt before Tuesday – cool, besides the fact that the plan is to fly from Frankfurt to Poland on Wed… helouuuuuuu ;-). So let’s be serius let’s book alternative – eurostar isthe option wohooo Tuesday morning there is something which can be considered as affordable…

Booked, so Sunday evening and London, Monday full day for sightseeing perfect, happy people clap their hands:).

Moooonday – perfect museums, lovely!!! moder art:) happiness!!! Saatchi gallery – just love the place- pictures in gallery in a sec 😉

maybe meeting friends for an evening drink… but wait around 19, tube – cover of a daily – Eurostar cancelled, police asking not to come to the station, 6 thousands ppl outside station.

Mhm Houston we have a problem especially that is started snowing again, dear Mum, boss and rest of the world I’m stuck in London, maybe time to go to Victoria station and go dircetly to Poland, leaving all the gifts etc in my German flat:/.

Nooooo way Polish people are strong and always winning – or at least Polish onions 😉 so I went to the train station around 22 in the vening as my trains was supposed to leave at 6, night in the trainstation – phi been there done that;-).

So only 200-300 hundred people, very optimistic, for few minutes even a hope for the night train to Brussels – but this would be too muhc leaving earlier than scheduled no way with this jam. 24 police asking to leave the train station as you can’t sleep there, together approx 50 people asking what shall we do now, what does it mean? And here the solution comes- point for someone who dealt with this crisis and came up with this idea- we got sticker- so train tickets were not valid anymore- in terms of seat place on them but all the Eurostars were rearranged and they produced as many stickers as sitting palces in each train, giving them out on the basis of first come, first served – so got the white sticker for Brussels with new seat on it.

It’s 24, we shall be back in the station around 5, mhm what to do – with girl just met on the station went to the bar, sat, talked, slept only a little and 4.40 off wego to the train station…

both tired so when I saw shades on the street opposite I thought I’m just exhausted, but nope already at 4:40 there were 2-3 thousadn people waiting and getting cols outside just to catch any train to get out of the island! In the very morning there were already people witing, for whom there was no chance to get on train that day – and my original plan was to be at the station around 5, as they recommend to be there 1 hour before train – If I had done that I would for sure have stayed in UK 1 day longer, queing outside the station….

But ok so we walked a little bit insecure, but after first guy askins us to go at the end of the line until he saw the sticker we know we are safe and the sticker is kind of ticket to heaven or at least better world;-).

So we are in checked in- all we see on the way are people in red cross blancets and using the free tea and coffee option…


ok so we are checked in, but our train 6 sth to burssels is cancelled and the number of people in the terminal is growing – will they ask us to fight for our places here again, aaaa tired, in the mess not sure what’s up here and obviouslly missing my train on the continent from brussles to frankfurt, but chill, think there is no town or at least big well know town called White in Europe, nor red, ok this must be names of the stickets and wohooo at 8 they plan to schedule a train to Brussels white train – as white a our sticker, as my friend would say EXCITEMENT 🙂

So we are in, Eurostar, leaving Uk wohooo, sleepy and tired, time for nap in the train and here we came – Brussels, missed the train to Germany…

not really impossible happen- German train had 80 minutes delay, so Imoved to proper platform, waited 10 minutes max and my train came, apologizing for delay that saved another part of my trip and offering me free drinks to forgive them… so how could I not.

The train was only to Cologne and buying a cheapest option from Cologne I had to change train 2 times and was supposed to be in Frankfurt aroun 15, following the original plan, now I knew I would be too late to Cologne, so will still have 1 more part of the trip to figure out but hm…

some people say fortune supports the stupid others, the good ones, nevertheless on our arrival to Cologne direct train to Frankfurt was waiting on the same platform, so I just got on that train, took 1st free seat- of course it had to be 1st class and had a nap till Frankfurt – where I arrived around 16 so with almost no delay… 🙂

So Tuesday afternoon my weekend in London is over- the next big thing is going home for Xmas on 23rd…Franfurt airport on Tuesday still closed, checkin trains – prices ridiculous, wondering what is worse Christmas in UK or GER went to work as didnt feel like sitting at home was a good option – kind of funny after hours of travelling withoug badge, off we go in grey PCV office 😉 but success managed to check is, so happy back home, packing and repacking – the plan was to take my bags one by one to the office not two at the same day:/ extremely heave, so unpacking 3-4 from the big one, travelling with 2 bags early morning of 23rd to the office, 4interviews for my successor, quick Merry Xmas everyone and time for another flight …

Airport kind of empty – another surprise, quick check in but afterwards…. huh dealys delays, with the fun of the day – when we are already in the plane but the bags from the previous flight are with us as well, so we sit and wait and they unpack…

but wohooooo Wed evening I’m in Poland, in my flat with green walls and pink coach with my friends and my world…

Party time, why ot after not sleeping well for 2 nights why should you sleep in- party is a better option;-) and 9 n the morning train to my home, 2 big bags again, although some stuff left in Warsaw, waiting on the platform and there is no train, huh com’n after al I sruvived now I will be stuck in Poland? the country where delay are normal but noone will inform you abt anything;-) so 30minutes on the chilly platform, frozen, tired, hungry I saw my train but…

it was an ICE train, where you have to make a booking of the seat, still one carrier is misisng people have sits for in but it is a non-existent one. Mine was supposed to be a plnae style one – where sits go from 0to 10, 11 to 20 and so one, but it was normaln one which meant on average 40 seats were missing… how cool welcome to wild wild east, luckily my seat is there, my bugs don’t fit anywhere but who cares, so I’m going home for Xams, with beautiful Polish winter all around and with a good week behind 😉


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