In the process of job seeking

So the process started again actually some time ago but now its getting to a frustrating point cause

1) being yourself, natural and honest is not the way, or at least seems not to be a way, as there are sets of ready to ue questions, your answer should fit the forms so they can be assessed in the propoer way,

so for your own sake better get few ideas how to answer:

– what is your biggest success so far

– the biggest failure and yourlearning points

– how do you imgine you future

Think about the answers that should be given not you would like to give,

don’t be too honest and natural…

etc. etc. of course take into account that even most professional companies may not come back with feedback, my cancel the offer withoutinforming, may change the deadline, timeline and the process without informing, so after being flexi and super cool prepared, incl selecting appropraite info for ur cv, u will eventually get a job.

The only q that remains is, is this a perfect job for you and are u really a perfect candidate:/….


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