http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXS0STX3aAg 😉

At the age of 25 my granda already had a kid, my mum as well, some of my colleagues have kid, some of my peers got or are getting married…

the other edge of 25 is the group of single, ambitious most of us nt knowing what we want to do, just knowing who we don’t want to be, how free and independent we have to be too hapy…

bad or good? right or wrong no idea, though just realized that my plans before 30 are lists of things to achieve, experience and enjoy they are not a list of things leading to compromise, settling down, being on any track.

So making official announcement to bring official pressure the plan is to:

visit at least 2 new countries a year

speak 6 languages fluenty

pass GMAT

get own yacht

have challenging, demanding brain and thinking job


act according to my values and have a feeling of doing at least 1 good thing per day



and the question is why the list of to do’s for a life should make u happier than

get a kid, calm work, tasty dinner everyday?

maybe cause for these 25 years so far I lived almost 1 year without fridge and kitchen, a lot of time in the suitcase more or less with big part of my things being in the proces of moving but never managed not to do for longer period of time?

or maybe cause life is the sum of all the moments and if the moments are preparation phase, the waiting for better time they actually acount for minus not plus in overal sum?

so 25 kind of 1/4 life u may say and think, kind of old I used to think in school

or the best time of my life which I want to make the best use of,

so 25-30 not settling for anything else than the best :):)!


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