Random – time approach

It’s kind of funny – just connecting to previous expectations and obvious posts as well, how we make assumptions in life.

I’ve had a chance to be in few places so far where there is no real timetable for public transportations, was also in places where time is religion 😉 or where there is timetable but it is normal to treat is a guide not a bible.

Kind of funny that I used to feel weirdo about not having timetable, not planning what time to leave flat, how much the way to stop takes, to be on time to catch this bus- European style? no idea…

but it is really funny that after 10 almost months in Germany – time is religion, super organized, timetabled country, where in addition I’m not for studies, voluntary activties but serious work, I have no clue what time trains from my stop leave? More or less I leave when I’m ready I wait or I run and it’s ok.

Is is cause I’m more flexible? less stressed? online 24/7 so waiting is not loosing time anymore?

no clue but kind of intresting observation that… life, expecations, assumptions, conclustions always start and end in our head


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