Some time ago when I first met people from Asia, I was really impressed by the culture, balance, tradition respect.

Later took me sometime to realize tht what you see and feel is just courtesy not real emotions and the relations need more time to be built and are shaped in totally different way. For people knowing mainly my sarcastic and ironic point of view and bold approach may be actually hard to understand why and how I enjoy and look up to Asia so much…

Nevertheless 8 months in WesternEurope corpo world took me far far away from the fascinating Asian spirit…

While hosting friend from Hong Kong I realized how far, how much I miss that and how enjoyable life would be if we became more pure…

Is it just so simple and amazing when sometimes will ask you whi the guys who are supposed to take care of order in the train are actually so fat that they wouldn’t catch anyone escaping from them?

Or why so many people wear dark, dull colours of clothes, looking as one big unhappy crowd?

Why in this mad world we don’t take time to go out of accepting irrational things and taking them for granted ?!

I so much want to move out of Europe asap as my perspective is getting smashed!


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