eat me more eat me more …

I don’t get this why in our super Western culture buying more food is so much encouraged! OK get the point of having less packaging etc but come’n how 1 kg of packed onion can be 0,72  Eur and cost of onions per kilo – not packed is 1,99! This is sooooo stupid, so people buy more for less and keep throwig away food, are we really so random that we cannot stop this ?

And the 2nd think, expecially about Germany… food is ridicolously cheap…  I don’t really think this should be called food 😉 cause how bill for buying:

400 g cheese, 2 camemberts, bread spread, 2 packs of bread, 10 eggs, 1 l milk, big m&ms, 250 g frozen spinach can cost 11 Eur? I do really think something is really wrong about whole food trade in Western Europe


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