shopping & clothes

As January is the sales month in Europe this had to be a topic here;-)

1) I’m not a person who really enjoys shopping for one simple reason – I hate paying too much for things not worth it, bot comfortable, not looking good and so many people will be wearing them that you will have problems to understand and distinguish urself.

2) Visit in the shop during the weekend – dudes I actually don’t get it why I can still wear some clothes that were worn by mum 30 years ago… not to mention I used to have a blouse from my grandma sth like 40 years old- seriously and if I buy something now after 3 washings will look like shit?! I don’t know what is worse, the need to buy new and more created by fashion – can be good while creates new working places on the other hand, or the fact that we produce so much waste becasue what we produce is a shit :/

this is kind of gross! So the results of this year sales- 1 Zara Tshirt, 1 Rylko boots, lets track till when will I use them…

Apologies but the online webpages of both don’t show these pieces and I’m to lazy to take picture, though it may be a project… nowadayas shopping – how long the things do <not> last 😉


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