There are few things connected with this topic.

1) Is twittering, blogging posting everything all the time sign of current ages, exhibitionism, lack of real life, boredom? I think it is just an old need of people to share their life and stories with others, just using new tools and means.

2) Is that a way to better world, transparency or destruction cause we forget about barriers, obstacles?

3) Should you write what you think, feel and be honest, even if people who shouldnt read that will – which is kind of more fundamental question why do we have secrets what is the boarded between mature behvaviour, diplomacy and being yourself


I bet I could come with a long list, still I will be bloging for 2 main reasons

Cause when I do I put my thoughts together I have the chance to exchange opinions with you…

Cause whne I write I don’t have to repeat, I’m free to forget, I can put all thoughts and emotions in one post… and believe me after telling few stories for 10 times recently even I was exhausted 😉

More or lees good night and good morning to 2011 without resolutions but with blogging contribution 😉


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