logical, natural, obvious?

With my travelling I’ ve had a chance to learn, understand & observe that there is nothing obvious. Still, coming back to Europe, with its common roots and background, madfe it really hard, as I assumed that with common background comes common perception… Just in your own culture, you have too many assumptions. In the process of defining your vision, ideal activity to undertake and spend at least 8 hours per day *most people call it job/work, but I would rather call it and have it as opportunity to create & contribute* I noticed my logic is not a common one. Practice seems to show that things i thought are worth highlightint should be actually not spoken about. So when it comes to my CV there are 3 challenges *so far;-)*
1. Law studies – I started them and they are extremely intresting for me, after graduating from economics school it gives new perspective, atmosphere, different people, university spirit. Good lesson of thinking, considered & perceived as a major full of learning by heart but in fact full of cases and tasks requiring implementation of that theoretical knowledge you learnt before. Still not sure if i will end up as lawyer but generally I thought it is a good idea or if it is not postive it is at least neutral? Reality says it’s bad –> you study so you need to learn, you will be not staying long hours at work, maybe you have ambition for something else, maybe you will be much more ready and open for change of job…
2. AIESEC http://www.aiesec.org/ – i would say it is relatively big NGO, chosen as one of the most democratic working place of the world http://www.worldblu.com/scorecard/list2008.php Managing bodies coming from elections, volunters on lower levels working as typical student driven organization with no renumeration. Ability to facilitate thousands of students’ international internships and voluntary services per year. Being in national body for Poland and Bulgaria, organizing international conferences for more than 100 ppl, being facilitator, coach, trainer of small groups and big plenary sessions for more than 100 people. Working in virtual, international teams. Innovation, creativity, implementation. Big organization with its different people- some not really performing, achieving, leaving organizations soon just to have sth in their CV, leaving and making bad impressions and spoling the brand – average perception- another students; club, with members of average skills and capabilities, often with expectations higher than their possibilities. My truth- more than 350 people went on international internship within one year and solid basis for constant current growth, new conferences, new partners, new possibilities for hundreds of people provided by work of my team. But this boldness rarely pays off…
3. MENSA – unfortunately not the most active organization of intelligent people with IQ higher than average. It is extremely intresting for me that the fact that you are intelligent is not something you should mention in your CV. When you do so, you can be considered as arrogant, with too high self esteem, trying to show off, not somebody who can bring great ideas, work with passion and achieve a lot.
Huh, sounds like finding activity which will enable to build on strengths, ensuring constant stretch and development, being passion is really hard…
but impossible is …. only until it is done;-)


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