letter to Santa Claus – reminder!

Dear Santa, I know it’s early but thought if I give you enough time impossible will be nothing, so besides few gadgets to my camera that I guess my family will take care of I would like to get a nice job for a New Year.

Just to be more precise a good job is:

challenging, developing, intresting, one I can be passionate abt, with a boss who can be authority and from whom I can learn, paid ok – money is not my main driver yet 😉 just enough to be independent is ok, focused on results not on processes- meaning flexible working hours, dress code and office. responsible and goal oriented team. In area of services or goods that can undoubtedly be described as supporting humanity, preferably connected with Talent Management, Project mgmt, event mgmt, communication, marketing, giving me space to create, innovate.

Hm, this would be mainly all, as for location I’m flexi- Warsaw, 3city, Berlin, Konstanz, Spain, South Amerika, Australia, Asia, UK are all good :>.

So if you have a wish from sb loking for – open minded, flexible, multitasking, goal oriented, communicative, able to think and even think in logical and analytical way, coordinate work, organize, do and make employee I think you can have perfect match,

so dear Santa I assume Jan 2011 is feasible date for such gift- can be delivered by e-mail, CV and references upon request 😀


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