3 months have passed

3 months of my life sometimes not so intense, sometimes crazy as hell, 3 months from 25 years not much,

on the other hand 1/4th of my time here, so as for some I shall be alreacy packing home 😉

But I assume the most important is to make SWOT, sum up and how my friends would say: “takie takie” ;-).

So it will happen this week, as soon as I overcome one important obstacle…

which is mess around me- dunno why mess makes itself totally on its own, but afterwards there is nobody to clean, make the laundry not to mention ironing ehhhh


Still I can already say that I learn that:

I actually don’t like statistics, graphs etc as i simply don’t trust half of them so why bother.

I like working with and for people.

I need to have space for myself to innovate, I love coming up with new ideas, improvements and implement them.

I need to work with people but I need to see authority with the, have common values and mutual respect, without that I cannot fully commit.

I need environment focused on the final outcome not the process so much e.g. working home or the office, dress codes etc are for me too stupid to make me respect them.

I learnt I need a coach or mentor or both but I’m total failure in terms of doing so.

I’m total failure in terms of using network – for that I’m typical woman – staying in the edge, being sure that if you are good enough they will find you.

I’ve found out that my fear is fear of rejection.

I finalized my family is extremely important for me, but I have no clue how to spend slow time with them – read we are always hectic having so many outstanding tasks it’s unbelievable.

I learnt that firendship is maybe most tricky thing to get and be part of in your life.

I realized that my personality could be enough for more than 1 person and I do have my brand, my mask and my hidden internal life, that sometimes I think even I’m disconnected from, and actually nobody knows real me even thos I consider as friends.

I realized it is nice to have money and comfortable life, but this in any way can make me happy (not sure about unhappy factor though)

I know I’m gen Y but also I don’t like totally shallow fb style friendships and “oh tell me how is ur life”, without even looking forward to getting any response.

I know I need to be passionate about my work otherwise I would rather go for something extreme without being paid and taking the risk of finding my way to get money.

and I think much more is to come, huh.

But still the most important question is still ahead me what to do as from October 2011?

Far far away? Maybe but not with so many ideas that are present in my head 😉


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