hectic hectic

hecticis my life,

Actually I loved a sentnce by a Croatia guy met in Cologne last weekend – if u live in the past or keep on making plan for the future you overslept the presence, and I think with all the internet gadgets, with some of my random ppl this tendency is huuuuge,

on the other hand I really live into presence now-

passing my master, passing law exams, having long days with m german right after work, I don’t have so much time for reflect- which is very weird for me and results in not so many posts here. On the other hand some facts and some people from the past are still so much into the presence that ban happy evolvmnet of the future :/

And finally virtual communication – makes ppl around the wolrd connected, global villag, you are still friends with ppl who you haven’t seen for ages, you have these hundres of people under label of friends in fb, but is it really true? Hope deep can a relation be without regular cht, hug, meet?

Do we really think it is so cool to have all these people there, who were part of our life in a moment of the past, or it is not only me who from feel of rejection is totally not able to break any relation, that doesn’t make anything but a fake statistics on the facebook in the presence, because it was sth in the past and may be sth in the future?


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