Tell me why

you need extreme to understand the simpliest truth?

Tell me why it is so hard to appreciate what you have, get out of the crazy race for better, for future,

just stop and admire the presence

and be happy abt it?


8 responses to “Tell me why

  1. Because if we are satisfied of what we have, we won’t improve !! as simple as that!

    look at the industry development for example, is it good to be content about phones only to communicate?

    or is it good to appreciate the little good in an abuser regardless of the 99 bad traits in him?!


    • of course, but I didnt mean that, this is why I chose this movie to be added- I’m the last one to stay stop asking and searching but there is slight difference between positive questioning and pessimistic neglectic, which for me was a point here?! there is a difference between the hunger of population to move forward and hunger of individual to get more…! and the biggest impact is between happy and searching person and unhappy viscious circle inhabitant!

  2. because the expectations are contradictory – to be successful by moving forward achieving things and staying in one place admiring presence at the same time. as for me everything starts and ends on values which give real reason of doing or not doing things.

    • So the question at least in this part of the wolrd shall be how far or close we are to the values that shaped us…

      • maybe that’s the question indeed. probably hard to assess by anyone who lives now, doesn’t have the comparison to the previous times, etc. anyway i believe that the condition of values in the world is slightly better than they say in everyday news.

      • obviously 😛

  3. So you’re talking about greed somehow, one of the 7 deadly sins!!!

    hmmm?! i am thinking the west and the recent BP oil trauma in the Mexican Gulf ..:-\

  4. We’re kinda far in the field of politics I can guarantee that to you sis 😉

    but when it comes to my field of work ((Human Rights)) it is even further..

    I guess your work might give you the glance of that 😉

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