Decision made!

I’m stying in Germany till I will be speaking German fluently – so much and only this…

AS promised after dealing with most urgent and most important I’m in process of my vision building and shaping my mark for the world 🙂

So I want to be a person of the kind I always admired which means

speaking foreing langauges, as only then you can understand different culture, take from it, give back and co-shape

work for people and with people- in order to do so you need to be proud and ambitious but also full of humility. Maybe it is the last time I’m a part of the big structure, slow and rigid processes I don’t like but it is also only moment to learn to accept that things are not always as you want and I don’t mean by that giving up on your values, desires or directions by that I only mean you don;t need to be bossy and bold all the time…

Making a mark – always wanted to do big things- maybe being too in love with myself? overestimating myself? but wanting to see the Impact the Huge Impact everyday – but to that you first need to understand the impact needed, undertand other thoughts, other opinions, but also other way of thinking and needs- I’m in this moment to get it- only that and that much.

And I think I almost know who I want to be however bold it is some people already know! And I;m not kidding;-)

But as for now I’m starting my own pay it forward game- to understand the impact of small things every day I’m going to pay it forward:


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