rotten apple

Sorry I just had to write it here,

So of course the biggest fault is on me- I left apple in the office and went for business trip for one month, but hmmm I wouldn’t expect to find this apple after 1 month stil on my desk – nobody thinking of throwing it away – i assume there are some people cleaning? i dont want to go into too deep thoughts it is just an left apple at the end of the day, but don’t you think it’s weird and disconnected?


11 responses to “rotten apple

  1. it could have been slightly different if you had left apple iphone instead. i bet 😉

  2. yea! i told ya to give it a chance! 😀 you’re “y”, right? i’m in the android (means competitory) faith though 😛

  3. think about it as if they did left it as a respect of your privacy!
    someone thought that you were doing an experiment which is good to see that even an apple was left there waiting for you…

    i thought you focus on positive things in life sibulka!

    hmmmmm have a nice nice nice nice nice day, cuz today is my birthday , i wished this for almost half of the universe now,,,

  4. I agree, they should clean that office of your more often :p

  5. that’s y I’m y as well. though i treat coffee as a complementary good to Internet. not much different this time, surprised? 😛

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