Stay hungry, stay foolish…

If I feel I do not use my potential

shall I

1) change myself and my perception of myself? cause most probably now I’m just overestimating myself

2) change the environment and direction to fulfill this potential

3) wait, think and analyze (sounds like a “of course it is a bullshit answer)

In fact I’m still more or less about 3, because I don’t know how to use myself and keep on assuming I don’t have much more to give if I don’t give it,trying to wait and find the way to do things that matter, and final option: “ruuuuun Forest! run ” cause sitting is not an option

If leadership is action not posission I’m definitelly far from leadership right now :/ Is it just me willing to do things that matter, things that improve the worls, bring balance, freedom, connection?

Or maybe I underestimate the small things of everyday life loooking for the huuuuuge challenge?

Auuuuugrh again too much of thoughts, too much of questions and missing the action <chinese wall>


2 responses to “Stay hungry, stay foolish…

  1. Angela Steatham

    Aga, I think you were right with your point that the small things of everyday life make the real difference….a small kindness for a stranger, a smile, making someone laugh and telling those you love that they are brilliant….these things really matter!

  2. Thank you Ange, it is one of my learning for the time;-), it is still hard for me to see the importance and the value of everyday activities. 🙂

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