FB, democracy, miracles and influence

and people complain about European medias :] :> ?

is this one truth? I still cannot believe it


6 responses to “FB, democracy, miracles and influence

  1. It still controlled like Fox News!!

  2. Talking about other medias wont make our mistakes less than what it is … Or does it?!

  3. I still hope it is a bad joke!

  4. Yeah it must be a very bad joke, or else they are trying to manipulate their audience in a very foolish way. My point was ; do you remember how they used to make fun of the previous Iraqi’s President Saddam Hussain that he has women slaves in his castle and he was trying to show himself manly with those RIDICULOUSLY HUGE mustache , and all that because they wanted to inspect Iraq for the nuclear bombs which afterwards resulted to be A HUGE LIE from the American CIA just to get “steal” oil from the gulf for the interests of Bush family’s oil companies!

    Here is the exact same, they are against Korea’s nuclear program, so they ridiculing every related thing to Korea, same as they did to Iraq, same as they did to the USSR ((until now you see how Hollywood is ridiculing Arab-Soviet & anti-American cultures-yet they see it as freedom of expression)), and yet, these exact people don’t mind Israel “for example” or the USA or another countries to have that nuclear power, and even in Iran their prime minister said that: we want a peaceful energy from the Uranium fertilization..

    It starts with a bad joke btw, then you’ll see one million Iraqis killed and another 5 millions misplaced all over the earth!
    As happened in the last American play…

    Sorry for the long reply , but from the way you write in your previous blog and here, I think you’re an intellectual person who would feel the situation as a human before to understand it as a machine, which is interesting to have a dialogue with 🙂
    Peace 😉

  5. Hmmm, I would say this is realy intresting point still on the boarder of getting it into another, risky edge. But good to see this perspective, I would not come to such conclusion – I guess it is connected with the culture and environment, which is why this world needs more diversity! 🙂

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