turning 25

when I was young (which obviously I can’t remember but can assume this is truth) I thought 25 is mature , now I don’t know what to think… but to start with – I’m rather not celebrating person or not really connected to my age, but when 05.06 was about to come and the vision of lonely stay in Paris was there I was not the most happy person in the universe, but things changed and I had the best birthday<s> ever and also a good sum up time.

1) I love small surprises and feeling of being important for sb, which this birthday were so much abt- starting with flowers from my friends and movies prepared especially for me, going through amazing weekend with my mum and ending up with surprise cake 🙂

2) I spent this bday with my mum which indicates

 – family is really important for me and this has to be aligned with my plans for life

– I’m really connected to my mum, which is a little bit contradictory to my general independence as I’m really dependant on her – indicating it is important for me to have sb on whom I can count, still not so easy for me to build trust in anyone as such person needs to be better than me in many things and have authority

– my mym is far from perfect but is an authority for me, meaning all in all I can accept imperfections and have authorities but again it is a big challenge

3) I spent this time in Paris- which can be a really wow- cause still it is not soooo common to jump over weekend to another country.

– Paris for many is the top to see, still havent done city and I was lucky to spend 3 weekends in

– I work and spend my time in Western Europe and I’m not soooo impressed or sooooooooo amazed, but I like it and feel good here and about it – which obviously doesn’t mean I’m done with my desire to go through whole Asia and South America, but it also shows that this is my roots and culture and actually this part of the world is more like a home and place to be whereas other continents the place to visit and explore.

4) I went to Paris due, because and thanks to my job, which some of you would be jealous of, others think it is really shity, and I can share both point of views which is soooooooooooo much about me being sometimes far too complex even for myself 😉

and work I guess needs another post, soon to come…

So at the age of 25 I’m still into position that 1 year is extremelly long and it is hard for me to comit for sth I havent tried for this period of time, but I think I may be a little bit more patient (still one of the most impatient ppl in the world)

I try to be more tolerant for weaknesses of people, small mistakes and stupid behaviours, but since I meet more and more mature people it’s getting harder and harder to accept not everyone has self responsibility and desire to constant improvement and contribution to the world as their values.


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