life after @

I’m not active in AIESEC for more than a year, still doing a DT, chairing a conference we may assume it’s about a year. Lot of time and lot of thoughts crossed my mind since them- at the beginning rather sceptic- I left organization and what- what are my skills? experience? knowledge? network… of so much alike people!  Being with peers, who also have these thoughts was even making it worde lot of discussions oh eh you leave AIESEC expecting to be manager cause ur such a smart ass but in fact of course u need to go on the very bottom of the corporate stairs to heaven cause this is the way it is. So ladies and gentleman – first of all my fb pic in real life is not about being in out or after @ it also doesnt mean being connected to fb 24 for 7 or not at all, it means living every second of your life it is with all good and bad moments with sleep when needed and being present!

And living the life means that actually @ gives you a lot and it is up to you whether u go and use it or spend ur time on the stairs just because ur not bold enough to jump or use the elevator!

So ladies and gentlemen are you going to go with a flow or create your own wave- sounds sooooo borring naive and bla bla? hmmm maybe it sounds but do you really like what you do? Do you feel passionate about it? inner happiness and butterflies in stomach? not really hm – so why to waste 1/3 life on it?

I do come to this point to believe that if you feel you already know something don’t waste your time hiding your knowledge for the sake of using it later-the only good reason is when it gives you much more new things and learning but maybe it is useful to make a monthly sum up and goal setting to think if you still move forward or are just stuck. Don’t be stupid in any way…

And as for the atmosphere and spirit – attending all goal settings, dream sessions, soft skills sessions, discussions about work life balance, reflection, meditation – are you going to forget it and wait until you are important enough to attend very similar courses within your firm or make use of what you already have?

To start with…


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