being odd or weird

Just came to conclusion that people are really funny creature- when you are young you want to be the same as group- have the same clothes, toys, behaviours.

When you are a teen you want to mix – be part of the group even if its weird but for any reasons you look up to it, but in the same time you want to distinct from other groups.

When you get older I guess you want to be unique, but on average you don’t do much to be different- you follow the crowd from the behaviours to clothes.

When you are really old, you stick the most to your own idea of who you are but in the same time you expect younger and other geneation also follow yours perception.

At the end of the day it turned out that we tend to do different thing from what we aspire to, still there are always people who are totally against the crowd and create their own way. As for the first reaction you usually say oh this is so weird or / and odd and you already have this stereotype in your head, you don’t approach the person/topic with an open mind.

Funny thing in the big globalized world we stick to a perception and limited image of world we have in our small brains 😉


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