Generation Y

Instead of writing my thoughts will start with some links:

In polish

Generally the most important thoughts :

1) In AIESEC we were thinking of generation Y as one of us, or just a little bit younger colleagues, here you see people for whom it may generation of their children but more often a gap – maybe they will hire people like that but they have no understanding of them/us

2) You bascially see that your expectations are different from the ones you predecessors have and most of the companies are not really ready for tha, thus some young people cant fit in that scheme and keep on looking for something new, or just keep on searching for the sense and meaning of life.

3) I’m not fully part of gen y – that what I thought i’m not so tech savy, not so straight forward and so on, but today I realized I’m more Y than I thought and maybe this shall be an important point for my search for a meaningful life? I like efficiency given by technology and wouldn’t give it up cause I dont see any reasons to, money is not a value itself for myself, I want to do sth important not to have work or earn money.

seem im getting on MY WaY with all the meanings these words brings 🙂


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