Western life

Or it shall be western Europe life;-). So not to repeat never ever thought I may be fascnated by western Europe, but I’m! Not as in Asia but stil I feel I breathe different air.

1) I may be extremely fat after this year as my favourite choclate is just 0,55 and so we move to the first topic – prices.


I think that I haven’t found a thing that is much more expensive than in Poland even if we multiply the price by the currency rate. Ok the rents are higher if we think of 350 Euro per room you can have much more for this price in Warsaw, but if we thinkof choclate pr 0.55 or cheese, camembert, raddish, bread, white cheese for 3 Euro it’s just less or the same as I would pay in Poland. The reason – own brands, ok we tend to have some in pl shops, but most of them don’t taste good etc. Here its more than ok – and as for choclate it’s brilliant, I lways loved it but u need to pay up to twice this price in PL- craazy. But I guees this is not so much about western Europe but Germany – practical country that. doesn’t need somuch sophisticated food.. but maybe not cause they also have asparagus, fruit, juices etc it’s just variety s bigger and you can find bigger differences in prices and cheap things are good and cheap not only cheap.

And this goes not only for food but also for cosmetics etc, you have discounts for such things…


More or less – this is a question – in terms of products bigger choice for sure, I guess doesn’t matter what I decide abt my flat here, I will buy a lot f things to my flat.

Spending your free time – shops are closed on Sundays, still need to get used to it… but you have a choice how to spend your free time – maybe I just didn’t live so much in the center in Poland but I don’t think so much happen there- volleyball in the middle of the town, why not, festivals of some cuisenes with different alcohlic beverages served on the fresh air, and some life music, why not. Walks, bikes, dogs, skaters, why not.

It is not you feel you are alive, you just feel the city is alive and this is so cool.

Being out

So the shops serve you cheap food;-) but this doesn’t mean you will stay at home to cook if you can go and eat outside šŸ˜‰ Cheaper or moe expensive, european or asian cuisine, meal or just desser – sit in or out, or maybe stay? Ok just don’t stay to long in one places… others are waiting!


Is not about the cars- of course till some extend if you see all these minis šŸ˜‰ but it is about riding a bike to your work or after work is about having running stairs but don’t run on them – life is sooomuch slower here! So much more relaxed it seems as weel and it is so cool to see people walking or riding a bike and not being afraid of cars or being a majority not minority actually. Lovely it is ;-).


Ok there must be some rubbish on the streets, still it has to be less of it, places are just more colorful and tidy, and however, I’m still a little bit unlcky with selling back my plastic bottles I love the concept – you pay more for plastic bottle, if you bring it to an auomat in the shop you can get the money back if not, you just pay more but still I bet most of you will segregate this rubbish.

Enough for today time for Roman law šŸ˜‰ <to be exchanged in romance or love hopefully after June ;-):P>


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