looking for a flat

Looking for a flat/room can be fun or can be nightmare. For me is a mixture of both and as emotional person (yeah see this smile or at least one face;-))  I have my ups and downs in the process. Somehow this adventure started back in Poland…


Ok, so at the edge of finishing studies y family thought high time to buy a flat, from a German perspective still dunno if it was the smartest or the most stupid thing to do but aftr living 1 year n dormitory in BG and one year in shared, crazy house in Mark I stated huntindg. It took me unbelievable amount of time, I lived for almost 6 months at my friend’s place, thank you for this hospitality;-) I got a flat – It doesnt meet few of my criterias that seemed to be important at the beginning but meets others. Afterwards was time to arrange it, choosing paint, furnitures, waiting for everything to arrive- which I didnt manage so I wil some things only when I come to Poland, crying to see somethng doesn’t fit, or seeing firsts spots on my pink sofa. Smiling seeing my pink sofa, etc. and…

and I moved to Frankfurt, with this baggage of experience I thought it shall not be a problem to find a place for one year, or actually 11 month, but…

it is.

1) I’m not used to paying a lot for flat anymore – so rent is a big issue for me – just don’t see sense spending so much money for rent if I can use this money in a better way but…

2) I’m used to be able to communicate with the rest of the city and I don’t want to spen my year here on commuting…

3) I’m used to having my space so a room with a family, however, extremelly nice seems to be a big challenge…

4) There are cultural differences to see in the process!

– people in Germany especially Germans don’t answer mails, so if I go through the offers in night, send mails doen’t work I have to call, which is not my biggest hobby.

– people ask for a big deposit, or at least I think is ig, maybe is similar in Warsaw now?

– people are not so open for living with an international.

– they have a lot of cold, old buildings here that you would think are out of date in terms of any things, but they are not…

And finding a flat is actually again about being present – shall I spend more time to look for sth,or don’t waste my time, especially out of this 11 months left for a rent I will spend around 3 abroad? Or shall I care so that I feel the place, live the place and is not only temporary place.

This is a big questions – of course ot so big that brings me sleepless nights- I have my thesis, my exams etc, but a big one since I realized I was stuck in a temporary life measured by 1-year terms …

temporary flats, internships, relations,

way of life or espace from settling down, getting older …

 just remember that last holiday I was so into a motto

“I still have time…”

At this point of time I feel I have no time for:

– temporary people, flats, occupations.

It doesn’t mean I have everything planned and will just go with it, but I will not waste my time for people that are set to disappear from my life sooner or later, places that I know I don’t want to be in them anymore, tasks that only matters cause they are set to be finished at one point of time.

And in this all there is a space for a room for 11 months.

What shall it be…

a room?

or a home?


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