First impressions

Usually when you atart a blog while being abroad you just have to put the first impressions, so…

1. Germany – before coming here some ppl claimed it’s not a place to learn German – everyone speaks English in Germany and especially in international city as Frankfurt. The others hm were actually surprised how can you go there without speaking fluently as people will expect you to know it. As for know – I think indeed it’s possible to survive here without German, but since I already know it, just need to practice and speak would be my biggest mistake to stick to it. As for now I managed to have few simple conversations and ask people to speak to me in German we will see, now my calendar is full of business trips but I plan to start classes from July and pass national exam before leavning Germany.

2. Looking for a flat – havent had to do this for like 3 years? I’m so reluctant to organize this process. Especially taking into consederation the fact, that back in Warsaw my flat is waiting for me. So after living in Bulgarian dormitory, sharing a house with over 10 ppl, arranging my own flat, have to find sth here.

3. Western Europe – Always thought ok it’s still Europe and it is not so much different but hmm, it is, dunno why but it’s just another world in terms of life style, money you get, atmosphere…


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