Day 4 & 5

So we all are more and more dependent on FB – ppl notice I’m not on, not because of missing contact with me but abt having problem with sending msg to me.

It is still weird to write SMS in the middle of the night, but FB msnger is considered as neutral and ok to send msg any time any day. We stopped exchanging e-mail addresses – as you can exchange most of infos on FB why should you bother writing e-mail?

Thus it seems I missed some offers, maybe I will miss some events but mhm – it is for sure convenient but is it sustainable to rely only on one channel of communication?

I do have more time, evenings are more relaxing, I buy new books cause I read so much more, but I see 1 disadvantage – making appointments to go out.

Its much harder to organize a group to go for concert/ movie etc – I cannot simply write on my wall, oh I want to go to theater anyone in? I need to think who and who to invite and such personal invitation seems to be much more meaningful, or maybe this is just my perception – but this is idea of the evening – frequency of cinema, concerts etc may really drop down as a result of not being on FB.


Day 3 – why would you need FB?

Day 3

To be honest I didn’t miss FB even for a while – can detox be so quick? Or maybe headache I had during the day was because of no FB? Nevertheless I dunno what would I write on FB today – maybe nothing? didn’t come up with any idea what would I post, didn’t feel like sharing anything with the world.

I don’t think this day was borring, I was with touch with several ppl, so what do I miss by not being on FB?

And how ridiculous this post must be for people not using FB or even for me sth like 4 years back? Seriously life without FB such a big thing? No way 😉

The next day without FB – how is it?

New ppl realized I’m not on FB – the number rose to 4 who were not informed by me and know – wohooo I have at least true FB friends 😉

What would I post?
1) I would write I really liked Whiplash movie, for those who still haven’t heard of it:

It’s not an easy movie with simple answers, I felt so uncomfortable and full of emotions as during watching  August: Osage County. Maybe I just like movies that are not so relaxing an easy, dunno but this one has very good soundtrack and plot 🙂 So I recommend.
2) That there is sth about me going to Cinema City in Galeria Mokotow in Jan – again I went to the cinema during amazing spring (in term of weather;-)) and when I went out it was full winter and glaze ice on the street -1st in my life I drove 20km/h on Wołoska 😉
3) That Łazienki were so beautiful today and it was nice to have a walk there.

No idea what else? mhm

How do I feel without FB?
I really enjoy extra time I have without FB – I even beat carpet in the snow:) and my flat is so cleaaan and I feel so free – just evenings feel do disconnected 😉

Maybe I would kill some time and had few conversations with my mates – it feels so much easier to chat on FB than to write SMS or call.

1st full day without FB – how does it feel

First observations:

1) More time for me – for sure, it was Sunday so I would check updates not only in the morning, but also during the day and would be going through fb now, maybe even chatting with some folks. Instead I cleaned the house 😉

2) What would I post on FB today?

– pictures from Lego exhibition – I guess since it was not planned to be a review of the visit, world will survive lack of this post

– question if people get tuberculosis – so many coughing badly around – mhm I guess this could be kind of warning to society, but those who I wanted to ask wouldn’t answer.

The biggest change is this feeling of being disconnected from people – I guess some time ago I would use gadu gadu (ok long time ago) to chat in the evening with those who I care, maybe text them. Recently I post sth, my friends post sth and we all feel we are in touch and know what’s going on… not really true. I just realized that in fact I have few people I have meaningful conversation with and very often those ppl don’t post nor like my posts on fb – I call, what’s up or imsg them. So it may feel a little bit lonely not knowing how most of “supposed to be my ppl” spent their weekend, what music they listen to, but on the other hand. I just let 2 ppl know I’m not on fb – as were in the middle of messenger conversation, 1 more noticed I’m not there – the close one. How many “friends” won’t even notice my absence?

30 days without FB –> 30 days to come back to blogging

Recently, every second person tends to disconnect from FB. So do I;-). Listening to radio about 30 days without FB happening that took place in PL some time ago, discussing about addictions with some of my colleagues and realizing my weak will and time lost during the day I’ve came with this idea. So it’s simple – 30 days without FB and Messenger- what after we will see.

Started yesterday evening – very hard, as of course most of my pages and apps are connected with it – e.g. Spotify – so I will have to get a new account and switch everything from the previous one to the new one phi… is it worth doing just for 30 days? Or maybe it will be a change in my life for longer?

No idea, but as for strong will and life I also decided to give myself a chance and come back to blogging – why?

Cause I tend to forget what I’ve experienced, cause I think my life is interesting, cause I need a place to put my things together, not sure anyone will read it but still;-)

Budget weekend – how not to spend any money ;-)

So weekend was time of unquestionable life style change –> no cinema, no party, no brunch, nothing. Usulaly I would go to a party or to the cinema and kind of for sure eat at least one meal out – sometimes more – depending on meetings with friends.

This weekend was totally different – 1st thing coming back to tomato sauce –> as I was recently not the very big fan of it but I have some on stock lunch during weekend was sponsored by old styl pasta – tuna, tomato sauce, herbs. Food from home to school as I had lessons on Saturday – this with need to pass UE law on Monday made me much less suffer – I read, cooked and cleaned my flat over weekend.

I just realized how much I spend during weekends in my normal life and compared to 19.62 in total that I spent during this weekend for pasta – will last for another meals as well, tuna, choclate, cheese, eggs new spread to bread and seeds of bitter cress to make some spring and chepa vegy – although taking into consideration amount of water needed dunno if it is good value. Nevertheless weekend at home survived – not so bad still a little bit lazy – TV, book, for sure less energetic than usual and I felt limited –> not that I have to go to the cinema but actually I cannot – prices over weekend are killers for such a tight budget 😦

But to sum up – first week survived – as for food this amount of money is ok, it even lets you eat out once a week let’s say but if you do so your life or actually my life now is only about food – missing new places I could visit or new tastes I would like to try. And in order to save some money to go out you really have to control your meals.

Thur & Friday – coming back on track

After big pressure in my head after Wednesday, on Thursday I really wanted to came back on track and actually was kind of successful – For breakfast and dinner I ate food bought in advance so nothing to add to the list woohooo so happy!

Lunch was served by a colleagoue according to our sharing and cooking in the office – so let’s budget it for standard price of soup – pln5. The only thing to add – snack in school – 1.98 for yoghurt – this made me believe I will be able to go to the cinema at least once this month?

As for Friday the happy time continued – no going out – obviously this would ruin me, spending only pln 2.79 for Balkan yoghurt & pln6 for lunch, 3.85 for bread as well as catching up with things I normally have in my bag – chewing gums – 3.29.

In total for Thursday and Friday my budget looks promising – I saved 18.29, wohooo finally I’m not only about food but I managed to have small saving, and this is still happily without buying the cheapest things to eat:)